Rasmi :

 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Chief Editorís remarks and Managing Editorís request :
In his welcome address Mr Thomas Chakkiath , the Chief Editor, said the word sahitya literally means the state of being together and that the publication R A S M I should serve as a forum for persons of different cultures and nationalities to exchange ideas and opinions -yes, it should be a true venue for one for being together with others. In these times when many speak of the clash of civilizations what one should realy strive for is a constructive dialogue between cultures, he said. Mr Augustine Elanjipilly, the Managing Editor, spoke at length on the difficulties involved in running the publication in view of the ever-diminishing financial resources.He thanked all the subscribers who had already paid up the arrears and reminded the defaulters that culture costs money and that this money should come from somewhere. Lip-service alone would not do, he said. He requested one and all to partake of the uniquely noble endeavour called Rasmi.

Writerís Symposium :
Together with the anniversary celebrations , they organised separately a conference of those who write in Rasmi or who are its well wishers . They included Jolly Padyatil, Thomas Vadekkara, C.K.Babu, Abraham Karamel, Edward Nazareth ( Mukkadan) , Celine and Augustine Paranikulangara, Inasu Thalak, Baby Kakassery, Augustine Elanjipilly,Jose Puthussery ,Thomas Chakiath. Inasu Thalak from Paris gave a long explanation on Malayalam poetry . He pointed that in western society , popular magazines do not publish poems due to lack of interest by their readers, while it is not the case in Kerala. He cited the poem of Sachidanadan called ď Kurumulaku ď ( Pepper ) . To write this he must have read world history first, as pepper has been influenced by Roman, Jewish traders, European colonialists, travellers etc.. He distributed among the audience and read the poem ď Valarthu Mrignagal ( Domestic Animals ) which appeared in Deshabimani Weekly . Dr.Thomas Vadakkekara who woks with ZDF ( German T.V. Channel ) mentioned that media could help the language style in news channels. C.K.Babu stated that we
do not have to use the brain of Einstein to understand poetry. Celine raised a question : How do we get people interested in Malayalam language ?. For this , the poets should write in a manner that the ordinary people understand their language without strain .

10th Anniversary Celebrations

Text : Thomas Chakiath.      Photos: Augustine Paranikulangara.

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