Rasmi :

 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Chief Guest : Inaugural Address :
Mrs Gepa Maibaum , leader of the German Social Democratic Party , former mayor of Cologne, former member of European Parlament and the current president of the commission Europe Union Germany in the city administration , who was present as the chief guest was given a warm reception with thalapoli. In the inaugural address she delivered after lighting the oil-lamp according to the Indian tradition Mrs Maibaum congratulated the publishers of the magazine on their efforts to make their own cultural mother-country in a foreign country that is far, far away from their homes.

Felicitation Speeches :
In their felicitation addresses the speakers, a select club of veterans from different fields of socio-cultural life in Germany and other European countries , poured their unreserved blessings on the magazine.They included people like Fr. Biju Mathawathu, Jose Punnamparambil,Dr.Thomas Vadkkekara,Rosy Weider, Fr. Ignatius Chalissery CMI,Jose Puthurssery, Lucy Nettikadan,

Poetry Recital :
To add to the literary flair of the evening there was poetry recitation by Inasu Thalak , noted poet from France, Mrs Celine Paranikulangara, Mr Baby Kakkassery, the well-known poet and Swiss Editor, and Mr Jose Kumar Cholenkery, the regular contributor of poems for the Rasmi magazine.

10th Anniversary Celebrations

Text : Thomas Chakiath.      Photos: Augustine Paranikulangara.

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