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 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Rasmiís Social & Cultural Actvities:                                                                                  The fact that this publication received the Kerala State Award for the best lay-out and printing in 1997, that is, just one year after starting , speaks volumes for its technical qualtiy. Though started as a literary publication , Rasmi has grown meanwhile (inbetween) into an institution that is engaged in several cultural and charitable activities as well. Rasmi collected, for example, in 1999 thirteen used dialysis machines in good working condition from German hospitals and donated them to different hospitals in Kerala. Rasmi acknowledges with genuine gratification the fact that it could also contribute its own share to the Tsunami Relief Fund . To the extra-literary activities of Rasmi there belong today quite a number such as organizing seminars,family get-togethers, literary work-shops, study and sight-seeing tours , cultural programmes like Soorya festival etc. Though working still under trying circumstances with a lot of financial problems thanks to the close-fistedness of the lipservice- doing subscribers, the magazine has won sharp contour and has established itself as the unmistakable voice of the non-resident Keralite in Europe and elsewhere.


10th Anniversary Celebrations

Text : Thomas Chakiath.      Photos: Augustine Paranikulangara.

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