Rasmi :

 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Switzerland and Rasmi :
The Swiss Malayalees have accepted Rasmi as their favourite magazine and are eager to co-operate with Rasmi as there is no other publication promoting the interests and activities of the various associations like ICASO, Be Friends Family Club, Friends of Changanacherry ( Switzeralnd ) , Keli,Kerala Samajam, Bharathiya Kalalayam , Ours Club, Kerala Ital Swiss Association,Swiss Malayalees Winterthur, Indian Youth Organisation Basel, World Malayalee Council ( Swiss Province) Seven Eight India Music Club etc..Several cover pictures have appeared recently in Rasmi like Matterhorn Mountain, St.Bernard Dog , Swiss Cowsí Descent from the Alpes, which add variety to the magazine. Baby Kakassery contributes regularly with his simple and easy to understand poems.Antony Chaalakkal and Kuriakose Karuthedath are also contributing their short stories in a serial manner. Augustine Parankulangara has written several informative articles on Switzeralnd like William Tell, the Swiss hero who never exhisted, A journey in Groubunden Canton, A visit to the St.Bernard Monastery, Matterhorn Mountain , the most visited mountain in Switzerland ,In Switerland , do as the Swiss do by Skiing etc..


10th Anniversary Celebrations

Text : Thomas Chakiath.      Photos: Augustine Paranikulangara.

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