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 10th Anniversary Celebrations

3 Books from Rasmi serial publications :
Three books have been published in Kerala which appeared in a serial manner in Rasmi for several years.
1) Hitler – A biography : By Thomas Chakiath D.C. Books Kottayam
2) Kashmir – A valley of Tears By Jolly M. Padayattil Apple Books Kottayam
3) The success Formulae of Two Cities – Solutions for Kerala , India and the World By Abraham Karammel Pen Books Aluva

Subscribers and Supporters of Rasmi .

Several people support Rasmi knowing that this magazine is run by a few volunteers and it is only to meet a part of the costs in printing, postal, graphics, local writer’s charges that they are requesting a nominal subscription of 18 Euros or 25 Swiss Francs . There are some who decline to support giving excuses like that they reading several publications from Kerala , no time , no reading habit ,watching other Malayalam T.V. Chanels etc.. One person occupying an executive committee post in an NRI association refused to subscribe stating that Rasmi was below his standard . Asked if he can give a better article for Rasmi , he shut his mouth. He must have realised that “ To criticise is easy, to do better is difficult “ The more subscribers there are , the better it is as they will be able to keep up the quality with better pictures, contents, colour pages etc.. It gives opportunities for NRIs in Europe to write on their favourite topics or express their opinion if they find that that they do not agree with the opinion of the authors. A few controversial articles like Gandhi by Avrachan Kadavil, Christ who was never born or died by Sabu Jacob , Original Sin – An interpretation by Babu Palathupattu provoked protests by a few readers . But Rasmi allowed the readers to write freely about their criticisms thus following the fundamental principle of democracy .” I do not agree with a word of what you say, but will defend to death your right to say it “.

10th Anniversary Celebrations

Text : Thomas Chakiath.      Photos: Augustine Paranikulangara.

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