Christoph Stritt of Schmitten FR is the new Swiss champion of Highland Games 2008. The sixth edition of Highland Games was a real success. More than 15 ' 000 spectators moved to Saint-Ursen in the canton of Freiburg to attend athletic and musical performances of great quality. 5 women and 43 men measured themselves in the disciplines of the throw of the stone, in height and the shot put throw of the tree trunk. After a difficult finale with the throw of the trunk, the holder of the title Peter Michel of Interlaken was classified with the fourth rank and has thus to yield his title to Christoph Stritt , second the last year and new Swiss champion. Nevertheless, Michel can be delighted to have established a new record with the throw of the stone with a jet with 8.30m.

For the second time, the female contest was gained by Irene Stritt of Alterswil FR. In all, three women succeeded in turning the trunk this year - what also constitutes a record! The musical highlight of Highland Games were the contests solos and in training of the players and players of bagpipe and drum. The possibility of presenting itself to a public under the vigilant eye of the Scottish judges was very well accommodated by the formations of bagpipe.

Indeed, more than eight pipe bands approximately of 100 musicians took part in the event. The contest Pipe band was won by City of Basel Caledonia Band Pipe . Moreover, Traditional Pipe Band off Lausanne - which took part for the first in Highland Games - was classified with the third rank. Robert Watt, multiple world champion in piping, contributed also much to the success of the demonstration by putting under the charm the public at the time of these two presentations solo Saturday and Sunday - just like the throw of the sheaf which had a very positive echo. Musical delicacies, remarkable athletic performances and a superb environment by a radiant time - even in Scotland one cannot think similar Highland Games!




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