Keli Int. Kalamela  2008- A Festival of Arts

After the scintillating success of the fourth Keli Intl Kalamela ,they have managed to organize another Mega Mela this year , promoting Indian arts and cultural heritage among the younger generations overseas and fostering closer relationship among them. They claim that this Kalamela is the pioneer festival of Indian arts, outisde India . This event brings together and presents the best young performers of Indian arts mostly from Europe. As recognition of the quality of this genuine arts and cultural event , the Embassy of India , Berne,has allowed Keli to officially use the symbol of Indian national heritage, "Emblem of India " . The success of Keli Intl kalamela has urged them to condct one in Kochi , Kerala during August 2009.

Winners :- Among the 379 participants , Stefy Srambical was crowned as Soorya India Kalathilakam, Bluinse Chowattukunnel was selected as Deepika Kalaratnam award, and Steeja Chirackal for the Fr. Abel Memorial Trophy . There were 31 judges from different fields of art, culture, literature etc.. The competition lasted two days in Zollikon Geminde Saal . A panel of  9 people under the leadership of Shaji Ramananil  were in charge of the results which were declared with the help of beamer and computer aided techniques.
Kalathilakam  Stefy Srambical :- She obtained first prizes in monoact and kuchupidi dance , second prize in classical dance in sub junior section and this made her eligible for the coveted Kalathilakam award. Stefy is firt year Gymnasium student and the daughter of Poly and Saleela from Vienna, Austria.
Gana Mela Rimmi Tommy and  Sudharshan :-   This was the star attraction of the Kalamela . The two singers delighted the audience in between prize distribution ceremony with their  beautiful songs . Several children rushed to the stage without hesitation to dance along with them

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