Keli Onam 2008  - Basel   


KELI, a social and cultural organization celebrated Onam on 06.09.08 in Pratteln, Basel . Onam lunch was prepared under the leadership of  Kuttan Kocheril . He has been doing this since 10 years and has now informed  that he will not this in future due to health reasons  .The cultural evening was inaugurated by Mr Urs Wuethrich, Minister for Culture,Education and Sports, Basel Land Canton , Switzerland. He knew about India and its culture.During his trip to India , some one asked him “ Why do you spend so much on your travels, and not spend something for God ? “ . Mr. Jose Joseph , Second Secretary , Embassy of India,Bern  read out the Onam greeting and message of the  Indian ambassador to Switzerland,Mrs Chitra Narayanan. Dr. Gester , who is an expert on India  , spoke about the  social problems existing in India . Mathew Thekkottil, President of Keli  spoke about the growth of Keli during the past ten years and how it has become a well known organization among the European malayalees. Mathew Abraham , Secretary described the social activities of Keli in  a  power point presentation . The proceeds of their cultural activities are contributed to charitable services like community development  services,educational aid , house construction,victims  of  flood, earthquakes  in Kerala. Keli’s volunteers in the hall should make sure that people are not engaged in private conversations when people are spaking on stage  as it creates bad impression.

Arrival of Maveli from the underworld.

Thomas Mookanamparambil , popularly known as“ Maveli  Thomman “ appeared as Mahabhali Thamburan for the 47th time on stage  this year.  He hopes to complete 50 th chance next year appearing on several stages  and thus create world record among malayalees  and enter his name in Limca book of records . This hall had a special lift  from the underground floor and hence  his arrival appeared as though the underworld.


In Switzerland ,every Onam celebration  will have a Thiruvathira play. But they say, this is not  a must as Kaikotti play is more associated with Onam festival.This year eight young ladies staged this play in a simple manner with  green blouses and white settu mundu.  They are Daisy Koithara, Jilu and Jeena Pulickakunnel,Ashmi Cherian, Doniya Paakudiyil, Soby Parayampillil, Shilpa Devasia and Nirmala Valiplackal

 Indo-Swiss Friendship Treaty 1948-2008

Switzerland and India signed a Treaty of Friendship and Establishment in 1948.A special envoy  of  Switzerland , Mr, Armin Daeniker signed the treaty in New Delhi with India’s Prime Minister , Mr Jawarlal Nehru. Switzerland is the first country, which signed a treaty of friendship with independent India.Keli invited a family musical group “Kaloei “ from Appenzel Canton to show Swiss culture to the Indians on the occasion of this 60 th jubilee year . The audience enjoyed the string music group especially during a dance show with laughter  .

Kalatharangani India  - Thauryathrikam

This year , Kalatharangani Mary John directed the inaugural dance programme of the children till the arrival of Maveli on stage for about 30 minutes. Later  a typical Indian vocal music concert , an instrumental fusion of Indian music, individual dances in Kuchupudi, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam were performed with live music. The climax came when the 3 dancers dame together to the applause of the audience. Though  the Thabla ( Indian drum )  an essential item of Indian music was placed on the stage, no body was seen playing it .  

Keli Pravasimela 2009  Kochi

Shajji Adathala, convenor of  Pravasimela presented the details of the project on the screen. Keli is  expanding their  social and developmental projects of solidarity in favour of the poor on the occasion of their 10th anniversary year . A souvenir magazine was published , a special website called was launched for registration of participants. With the intention of promoting at least four projects of solidarity, they will  organize a Pravasi Mela in Kochi Kerala,  on 1st and 2nd August 2009. This event of Indian arts in dance, music etc enables encounters of very talented young performers from all over the world. Well known personalities from cultural, political and social fields of Indian  society will grace this Pravasi Mela with their esteemed presence. The proceeds from this Mela will be contributed to support 10 very poor nursing students , 10 unemployed  youths to buy Autorikshas, finacial help of 5 women workers of NGO charitable organizations, support 200 Adivasi children  .The estimated cost of this project is Rs 400.000.000,00( Rs 40 lakhs ) .Thus they show tht KELI, a non-profit oriented  society of Indian fellow-citizens living in Switzerland, pursuing  the aim of promoting the Indian culture and especially of providing support for the poor in India



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