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Swiss Malayalee Friends (SMF) is a non-profit, non-political, cultural organization working towards the betterment of the social lifestyle by promoting cultural awareness among Malayalees in Switzerland. Established in 1999 at a modest level in Allschwil, Basel, by a handful of dedicated members, SMF has already acquired wide recognition among Malayalees in terms of performance and speciality of its cultural programmes and within this short period of time, it ranks one among the prominent organizations in Switzerland.

They try to bring in the tradition and culture of our land through their activities and the events they conduct as part of their regular programme and this provides a forum for its participants to meet and exchange their views and also to foster friendship, goodwill and understanding among its members. Being a cultural organization, their fundamental objective is to promote our language and culture and uphold the cultural heritage and integrity of our land.

Apart from conducting cultural programmes, SMF also stands for helping third world countries including India in collaboration with agencies working in similar areas and SMF have extended substantial help in this direction during the past years.
In addition to the above, SMF provides opportunities to interested persons to exhibit their hidden talents and encourages its members including their families & children to paricipate and take leadeship activities of the organization. SMF also aims at creating a spirit of comradeship and understanding among fellow Malayalees by providing occasions and platform to meet together and discuss their common problems in this otherwise busy life.
Easter Celebrations 2008  

Every year they celebrate Easter with a holy mass , lunch and a long cultural programme at the end .Fr Saji Naduveildathu celebrated mass and gave the easter message during the mass and during the cultural programme.Sunny Mankudyil ,president of SMF welcomed the audience and mentioned about the late Stephan Vellarackal, one of the founding members who passed away one year ago. Ranga Puja was taken from the Album of Ceriac Cherukad titled "Ambara Rani". The programme was moderated by Anna Marie Akkat . The cultural evening consisted of all kinds of items like single, group songs and dances .A comedy script directed by Stephen Chirackal and acted by a group of children attracted the attention of the audience .

 Mathew Kureekal gave the vote of thanks and Sibi Thottukadavil conducted a tampola in which 10 prizes were distributed to the winners. The delicious lunch was prepared by group of specialists liks Roy Menacherry, Sunny James, Thomas Mookanam Parambil , George Pulprayil .
Dr.Vayala Vasudevan Pillai  

This year they were privileged to have Dr. Vayala Vasudevan Pillai who gave an impressive speech and the audience listened to him in pin drop silence for 15 minutes being a Hindu speaking on Christ in modern society. He has written 12 plays and 2 books on theatre studies . He mentioned that he was associated Xtians because he studied in Mar Ivanios College and became a professor there for several years and the life of Christ, the Bible had influence on his dramas which he wrote in later years. He acted the role of Jesus Christ years back in the drama named " In the foot steps of Christ "directed by William D'Crux in the sea shore of Trivandrum during a church festival. 

At that time , the audience listened and saw the drama as if they were attending a holy mass in church . During the interval , some people came to the green room to give their respect to the man who was acting as Jesus Christ .At that time , the people did not have TVs or serials to watch but during the church or temple festivals, drama was one source of entertainment . He is at the moment Director and Dean , Faculty of Fine Arts , Centre for Performing and Visual Arts, University of Kerala Trivandurm .


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